Public Safety Enterprise Communication System

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help PSEC Is Live! By Dan Nila

The successful completion of the Public Safety Enterprise Communications or PSEC project has been a cooperative effort between Riverside County Sheriff, Riverside County Fire, Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA), the County Executive Office, with Riverside County Information Technology (RCIT), leading the project. Motorola, Inc. was contracted to provide the equipment and to integrate the system.
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How will the project help me and my family?
In an emergency, seconds can make a difference. Firefighters and officers need instant, reliable communication, whether the danger comes from wildfire or someone trying to break into your home. The new system will give public-safety teams the communications tool they need.

Will the project have environmental impacts?
Biological and cultural resource surveys were conducted to select proposed communications sites. Surveys emphasized using existing sites and already-disturbed areas to minimize effects on the community and the environment. Sites have been evaluated for potential effects on factors that include views and land use compatibility. When unavoidable impacts have been identified, all feasible steps will be taken to minimize or eliminate the impacts.
Information on potential impacts can be found in the Environmental Impact Report".
How can I register comments about the project?
The County Board of Supervisors intends to consider the project during a regularly scheduled meeting on September 2, 2008 at 9:00 AM at the County Administrative Center on 4080 Lemon Street in Riverside. Members of the public and interested parties are invited to attend.

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